Past Articles

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US Indexes Consolidate Near The Highs

New High in NDX unconfirmed by Major Indexes Weekend Update September 1, 2017

The Banking Index Makes a Strong Reversal. Weekend Update August 11, 2017

Weekend Update August 4, 2017

Weekend Update July 28, 2017

Weekend Update July 21, 2017

Multiple Indexes Decline. Weekend Update June 30, 2017

Gold Bounces at Long-term Support. Weekend Update June 23, 2017

U.S. Dollar is Probing New Lows. Weekend Update June 16, 2017

Weekend Update June 9, 2017

The Yen Resumes its Rally. Weekend Update June 2, 2017

USB Stalls above Supports. Weekend Update May 26, 2017

USB at Multiple Supports. Weekend Update May 12, 2017

Weekend Update May 19, 2017

Weekend Update May 5, 2017

Weekend Update April 28, 2017

USB Breaks out. Weekend Update April 21, 2017

The Nikkei Continues its Decline. Weekend Update April 7, 2017

The Banking Index Probes Lower. Weekend Update March 31, 2017

The Banking Index on a Sell Signal. Weekend Update March 24, 2017

U.S. Dollar Breaks Down. Weekend Update March 17, 2017

Gold Sells Off. Weekend Update March 10, 2017

Weekend Update March 6, 2017

Weekend Update February 24, 2017

Weekend Update February 17, 2017

The Banking Index Rally Stopped at Resistance. Weekend Update February 10, 2017

USB may be Reversing Higher. Weekend Update February 3, 2017

The Banking Index Makes a Spirited Retracement. Weekend Update January 27, 2017

The Yen Makes a New High. Weekend Update January 20, 2017

The Nikkei Starts its Decline. Weekend Update January 13, 2017

The Banking Index Edged Higher. Weekend Update January 6, 2017